1- Sending contact@diamee.com of the purchase invoice (to see what the exact model is) and 2/3 photos of the ring in order to establish an estimated first estimate

2- You give us his approval on the amount of the quote.

3- Then send a cheque to the order of LBJ SAS - 20 rue Cambon - 75001 Paris or by bank transfer (we send the RIB of the company).

4- Then shipping in Declared Value (special service of THE POSTE) of the ring directly to the workshop.

5- We ship the ring after repair directly to you in Declared Value.

Note: SAV polished-rhodiage: to be achieved seriously, it requires ultrasonic cleaning, a complete polish and then a new rhodiage. That this ultrasonic cleaning works by micro-vibrations. There may be a risk on stones that may fall if the crimp is of a certain age (which is the case here) or break if they have been damaged (which sometimes happens without being aware). When this happens, we have to redo the set in part or replace the stone or stones. This cannot be at our expense in this case.